About us

Company History Philosophy

Since the company was formed, SWISS HUFEISEN corporate philosophy has benn to manufacture products whitch stand out from those of rival companies because of their superior design, quality and function.

SWISS HUFEISEN Flatware, kitchenware, tableware are producted using the most technologically advanced plants and machinery aviable.

SWISS HUFEISEN Product Development Department has its own design studio and has worked closely whit nationally and internationally.

SWISS HUFEISEN products are both good to look at and perfect for their purpose. This makes them firm favorites the world over.

SWISS HUFEISEN remains committed to a future of maintaining its reputation for quality, reliability, technical advancement and innovation.

Thank You for your right choice of SWISS HUFEISEN stainless steel cookware. Laboratory test and product innovation to produce high standard, best quality and long-last coocware for consumers.